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West Ryde Library


Project Name:
Our Scope:


City of Ryde
2 Graf Ave, West Ryde, NSW 2114
1300 sqm
Interior Design and Construction Documentation
Completed January 2006




  • Project started in 2002
  • Development of the first design brief and Initial feasibility space planning prior to building DA submission to ensure library could fit into “Cold shell” provided by Woolworths
  • Preliminary technical brief and requirements to assist council in scoping quality and quantity of items in “cold shell”. After that stage the project went on hold for about 1.5 years
  • In 2004 project resumed – CKDI were asked to take the schematic design forward through to implementation
  • Development of the design brief, with extensive consultation with the Council and the Staff team as well as a series of public and neighbourhood consultation meetings and workshops
  • Liaising with Scott Carver Architects during the design of the base building. The advantage of having us involved at an early s stage meant we could successfully affect the design of the building envelope, lowering window sills, establishing the most suitable structural grid for the library, coordinating services and many other integrated solutions
  • Coordinated their consultants and architects to define the most space efficient location of the structural elements in relation to the allocation of the collection.
  • Planning options for Development Application approval.
  • Collection Analysis, feasibility and projections, space allocation analysis.
  • Design and Documentation of the Interior architecture.
  • Consultation during tendering process.
  • Ongoing consultation during construction.
  • Preparation of Defect List.


Building shell provided by Woolworths in exchange for road closures. Started in 2002 and was finally completed in December 2005- January 2006.

City of Ryde Council has relocated the West Ryde Library branch to new premises under a proposed major commercial development by Woolworths. The new library has a retail focus with many lounging and display areas, all zoned to reflect the targeted audience. The premises accommodate new offices, meeting rooms and specially designated children’s and youth areas.

Some of the key objectives were:

  • To create a spacious new library with retail focus, welcoming atmosphere; away from the often-regimented layout of public libraries.
  • To provide specific areas for each age group, with special attention at incorporating elements of the patrons’ multicultural backgrounds into the design.
  • To incorporate known customer preferences in types of study and leisure spaces.
  • To provide a range of facilities for patrons ranging from Parents Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Coffee vendor machines to different types of lounging and study areas).
  • To create a cost effective design while working within Environmental Sustainable Development Principles (ESDP).


  • Friendly open space, with flowing circulation connecting all areas with an intuitive language for signage, making the library an easy space to navigate.
  • Overall feel of the space relates to a bookstore/coffee shop rather than the expected aesthetics of a public library. All finishes and architectural elements (carpet, timber floors, bulkheads, furniture, signage, etc) combine to create a unique and easy recognizable language throughout the library.
  • Youth and Children’s areas strategically located at opposite ends of the library, allowing for each age group to identify and own their specifically designed space. (E.g.: in the children’s area a feature railway train has been built, incorporating train tracks in the carpet design, the shelving end panels as wagons, the specific selection of finishes and lighting, to create a themed area).
  • Amenities and services areas for patrons reflect a strong attention to detail, extending and enhancing the experience of using the library.
  • In 2007 West Ryde Library was short listed under two categories; “Best Institutional Interior” and “Best Sustainable Interior” at the 2008 IDEA Awards.