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Christmas gifts that mean more

As the year draws to an end, we’d like to thank you for all your ongoing support and best wishes in sharing our many achievements over the year.

We’ve opened libraries, ran workshops and provided design solutions to countless projects. As always, contributing to the ongoing viability of our libraries is important to us and through the ’Design Fix Competition’, we were able to give back to the library community in a small way.

This year, in preference to sending Christmas cards, we’ve taken the opportunity to support a number of World Vision initiatives, which will train teachers, provide books and resources to children with the greatest need.

On behalf of the CKDI team, we wish you all a safe and relaxing Christmas and we look forward to sharing many new and exciting projects with you in 2013!

Best Wishes,




We know a little help can go a long way, and the importance of passing forward the benefits of living and working in ‘the lucky country”. We have been supporting a variety of organisations in Australia and around the world for the past 18 years. If you like to join in the giving spirit we have included links to a few organisations we currently support:

World Vision – Sponsorship of 3 children in South Africa, Peru and Haiti and seasonal campaigns

ADRA Hope Nation – Support “Where It’s Needed Most” fund

Amnesty International- membership and some campaign support

CARE Australia – On and off support

The Australian Foundation for Disability – regularly supporting their raffle series

Salvation Army – support various appeals

Greenpeace – various campaigns supported

Vision Australia – support various appeals

Katoomba Library Opening

We drove up to the mountains this weekend for the official opening and can’t wait to show you some pictures of the new Library!

The feedback was fantastic and we’re very proud to see the results of such a great team effort realized. Our special thanks to our clients Vicki Edmunds (Manager, Libraries & Customer Services) and Karin Hartog (Major Projects & Capital Works Director) for the wonderful process we enjoyed together while designing the Library.

Have a sneak peak at the Library before it opens to the public next weekend!