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Our Values

Social responsibility

We know a little help can go a long way, and the importance of passing forward the benefits of living and working in ‘the lucky country”. We have been supporting a variety of organisations in Australia and around the world for the past 18 years. If you like to join in the giving spirit we have included links to a few organisations we currently support:

World Vision – Sponsorship of 3 children in South Africa, Peru and Haiti and seasonal campaigns

ADRA Hope Nation – Support “Where It’s Needed Most” fund

Amnesty International- membership and some campaign support

CARE Australia – On and off support

The Australian Foundation for Disability – regularly supporting their raffle series

Salvation Army – support various appeals

Greenpeace – various campaigns supported

Vision Australia – support various appeals


Knowledge sharing

CK Design has regularly hosted internship programs for the last 10 years. Through this interaction CK Design team members have the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and experience to future designers, as well as acquiring a feel for what’s brewing amongst young designers. We believe ‘Knowledge Sharing’ is not like sharing a cake – you do not come away with half a cake each. Knowledge Sharing is synergistic. In other words – you each enter into a conversation with a whole cake and each come away with an even bigger cake. It is also about more than just sharing. It is about “working together”, “helping each other” and “collaboration”.

Fostering sustainability

As designers, we have the responsibility towards our environment to  specify materials and develop concepts that are sustainable in the short and in the long term. At CK Design we not only specify recyclable and sustainable materials but also implement processes in our clients’ fitouts that produce energy and water efficient solutions minimising the resources utilisation in their spaces.