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What We Do

CKDI is a leading award winning Planning and Design Consultancy in Australia, encompassing  two decades of experience in the planning and design of education, corporate, residential, retail and hospitality environments. Our experience delivers innovative solutions in the areas of space planning, interior design and architecture, graphic design, project management and facilities and master planning.

  • We design interiors. We explore concepts and develop your vision for all your interiors and provide integrated solutions.
  • We create, rearrange or innovate to create Smart Spaces.
  • We provide advice. Sometimes all you need is direction. You can simply engage us to “pick our brains” or just to affirm your ideas.
  • We plan your budget and co-ordinate your project. We define what you can and can’t do and guide you on feasibility.
  • We communicate simply and effectively using tools such as 3D Modelling