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Why Choose Us

  • We guarantee you a high level of satisfaction. We establish ongoing relationships which extend beyond the initial project. We often partner with our established clients on all their subsequent design projects.
  • We provide clear verbal and visual communication throughout the project.
  • We take you on a highly interactive, inclusive and enjoyable process. Staff, users, consultants and relevant authorities.
  • We involve CKDI senior staff throughout the entire project.
  • We are specialist experts in libraries – “the perfect interpreters between librarians and architects”.
  • We know how to prepare and position funding requests to council for library refurbishments.
  • Our designs dramatically improve library patronage and lending rates.
  • Innovation doesn’t stop at the design. We apply creativity to all aspects of the design process including material usage, reuse of existing assets, creative use of budget and impact on operational processes.
  • Our space planning designs always achieve increased usage and operational outcomes for our clients.